Sex & Other Philosophies explodes onto the Brisbane scene

Welcome to a smorgasbord of thoughts, ideas, and adventures in Karen’s new work, Sex and Other Philosophies, a collaboration with Lucinda Shaw and James Halloran.

This fun and light-hearted cabaret touches on our most private thoughts (while eating cheese), classical philosophical debates, and everything in between (have you been to the Broadway hotel?).

Thanks to the ’21 Access Arts Achievement Award and support from Arts Queensland, the show was presented to an audience for the first time in November. The development showing at Milton’s Pip Theatre contained original music from Karen, Lucinda and James, deep and meaningful, and shallow and proud, conversations, spectacular costumes, and promises to ask questions but answer none!

Having been a year in development it was a delight to share a night of laughs and fun, oh and lollies, lots and lots of lollies, with a live audience.

The showing could only happen with the support of so many talented people. Costumes were created by Jess Bennett, Yanni Mills as producer, official photographer Katie Bennett and videographer David Granato, marketing by Nadia Okorn, and projections and animations by Dave Sakko.